Day 8: The fun day

Today started off like every other day except devotional, which will be done tomorrow at the airport by Ryan. Our group, plus Grace Foster, began our journey at the Masaya Market, where we all went souvenir shopping to remember our time in Nicaragua. We spent about an hour and fifteen minutes buying things for us and people back home. Soon after, everyone got back in the van and we headed off for lunch at the Carolina Restaurant. The majority of us had ordered chicken, and the others had either fish or beef. When we all finished lunch, we made our way to the final destination, the Monkey Hut. I think that was the best part of my day, and everyone else’s as well. Madi, Daniella, Ryan, Ian, Josh, and I all swam out to the little dock out in the water. We played games, relaxed a little, paddled in kayaks, and even ordered some drinks, plus food, from the bar. The day came to close with the Foster’s, pizza, and a little worship. Our time in Nicaragua has not only gotten us closer to each other but it’s also gotten us closer to God. It’s always sad saying goodbye, but “goodbye’s” are never forever. Maybe one day we’ll get the chance to come again, but until then goodbye Nicaragua. You will definitely be missed, along with all the people that live here. By Savannah Walton