The Lord in Leon

Today marked the final day of our planned mission in Nicaragua for 2017- that’s not to say we won’t meet someone tomorrow who needs the love of Jesus. We arrived in Leon early, and were greeted by a warm welcome from the pastor of the church and his grandchildren. Just after the morning welcome, the skies opened up and let out a downpour. It rained hard for a solid hour, flooding the church grounds and the surrounding neighborhood. We were concerned after a while that none of the kids would show up to play, but we were greeted by a multitude. Many of the kids from our first day in Leon had returned. We spent the first half of the day playing frisbee with the pastor’s grandkids, and then we all went into the community to pray for the people. We met several people who asked for prayers for sickness and physical ailments, and a couple more who asked for unity in their families and protection for their homes. After a few visits, we returned to the bus for lunch. After serving lunch to the kids, we played with them for a couple of hours. We played musical chairs, hot potato, and frisbee until it was time to leave, breaking three chairs in the process and getting muddy beyond belief. Then, at last, it was time to go. Before we left though, the pastor called us all together and led his congregation in a goodbye song, and then he prayed for us. In return, we prayed for the pastor and his church, and then we gave our last hugs and left for McDonalds. After a heavy meal from a very much American restaurant, we walked through a local cathedral and took some pictures. Then, we retired back to our compound, and said goodbye to our wonderful driver, Juan Carlos. To finish our day, we had our nightly meeting and then had a worship session with the FCA team that occupied the compound with us. Overall, the Lord was present in this day.
By Madi Hall.