Totally Awesome !

Sunday…. Got to sleep in a little today. Or at least the schedule allowed time but wouldn’t you know I woke up earlier than on the days we are up and going. Father’s Day and what better day to go to church and worship my Heavenly Father. The message today was of course in Spanish… Interesting to say the least. The Pastor did have some of the members sit beside us and translate the best they could. Service started out with amazing praise and worship. Singers, dancers full band nice loud PA system. :). For those of you who don’t know me, I sing and play and have done praise and worship in churches for years. I realized today (as my eyes teared up) that praise and worship is the same in ANY language. The people were very friendly, as gods people should be and welcomed us lovingly. The Foster’s then took us to lunch to a nice restaurant where we proceeded to stuff our faces until I thought the guys might have to be carried out to the vehicles. But… Knowing these guys as I do now, I’m supprised they didn’t ask to stop for a snack on the way home. Unfortionately Ian was feeling under the weather and he and Angela stayed home. Every one I have met here have welcomed us with open arms. I have never felt Soooo much love from the children. They have nothing to give but love and they give it out of their abundance. Tonight before dinner, we sat out under one of the cabanas and sang worship songs. We invited another group of young people to join us and they jumped at the chance. A young lady with a ukelayle joined in and we all sang and worshipped God. I’m positive it put a smile on HIS face. I am so glad I have had the opportunity to be here with this team. They are remarkable to say the least. Each and every one a credit to themselves their parents their school and to Christianity. They even call me GrandPa and I cherish it! Looking forward to the rest of our mission…….. Over and out…. Abuelo / alias GrandPa