Wait, We’re Halfway Through This Trip?!?!

Today was day 2 at the village of Leon. We got the opportunity to continue playing with the kids, working on the project, and doing our program another day.
Our day started off with an hour drive to Leon, which was peaceful and long, but as soon as we arrived the work started. Savannah and Madi, along with our three boys, immediately started off by painting the posts that are to hold up the rest of the new church while Angela and I helped the lady’s cut up vegetables to put in their soup. Abuelo (Lynn) played with the kids from the start to the finish, and the kids love him so much. After the painting was done and the vegetables were cut, we, the team, were served something called Nacatamales, and let me tell you, those were the most amazing tamales I’ve ever had!
As soon as we finished, it was busy, busy, busy from there on out. Us girls were called on by Phil to go and pray for a little boy who was sick. He had a fever, stomach bug, and loss of appetite. We prayed for complete and immediate healing, and the fever partially left. He also began to begin drinking a little bit of water which is something he hadn’t done in a while. Even though there wasn’t complete healing, we are still believing that he is going to be completely healed. We also got to pray for his sisters who had been sick recently, and we got ton hang out with his mom. She was one of the sweetest ladies I’ve ever met, and it was so obvious that the love she has for her children is unconditional.
After we finally finished with them, it was time to begin our lesson. Ryan read the story of David and Goliath to the children while Abid, our beloved translator, translated. Josh then gave his lesson on friendship first, followed by a game of hot potato, or papa caliente, as the kids called it. We played that game for a while, but then had to run back into the church for our next lesson. Madi was next, and her lesson, which was on the heart and how it’s more important than the outside appearance, and her lesson resounded with the kids immensely. They colored paper hearts and wrote on them what was in their hearts. What surprised me the most is that after they finished and right before we were leaving, some of the kids ran up to me and began handing me their hearts. They wanted us to keep them, and that touched my heart so so so much!
We loaded up on the bus for the hour drive back, and it was filled with lots of jokes and naps. To wrap up the day, when we got back to the guest house we jumped in the pool to cool off. It was all fun and games until Ian and Ryan collided heads and gave each other shiners. However, two minutes later it was back to fun and games. We ate dinner, and wrapped up our day with a team meeting.
Today was full of God’s goodness and healing, and we can’t wait to see what He has in store for the rest of our trip!
Sincerely and Not Ready to Leave Nica,