Baptismal day #1

Today was the hardest working day for the 3 men, in Leon. Josh, Ian and I all began digging a 5×6 ft. baptismal behind a small church. Though the ground was soft, it was a large project to complete. Two shovels and a makeshift sharpshooter. The two shovels had been worn down to about half way at the end. The baptismal had to be about rib/ chest high on me. This was a very hard and dirty project but us guys had a fun time doing it.
Meanwhile the girls were outback playing with the niños (kids) and having a blast. The girls played Simon says, and Duck Duck Goose, or as it is called in Spanish , Pato Pato Gonzo. All the games were fun but they had to come to an end for food. Josh and Daniella were helping serve the kids chicken and dumplings, rice and lemonade. The niños loved every bit of it.
After the kids had eaten their lunch we the team and in began our program. Josh kicked the lessons off with reading the story of David and Goliath with, Abid, our translator standing beside Josh. Daniella was next on teaching a lesson, she taught that no matter how old you are you can do anything as long as you are with God! Daniella’s activity was lining 10 people up and then having 5 niños put the people age order according to how they looked. That was pretty fun. Next, yours truly went, and I taught the lesson on Minding the Light. That as long as you live by God’s rules, you will be wealthy beyond your wildest dreams, just like King Solomon. King Solomon asked God for wisdom but received much more than that, but became really wealthy too. Then gave the niños coloring pages to finish up the program with. All in all it was a good day for the team in Leon. Everybody including me can’t wait to go back there tomorrow and Monday.
Thank y’all for keeping us in your prayers.
– Ryan Prestage