Day 2 in Nicaragua – Josh Lyerla

Today, as well as yesterday, was amazing. Our hearts are being transformed by the culture and even more by the children we get to spend time with daily.
The time we spent today in The Villiage of Panama was truly a huge blessing, from the tickling game (where the kids basically clawed your skin off with their fingers) to the lesson I got to teach today kept a giant smile on my face. The love these children share for each other and all of us visiting really is convicting. The children are selfless and are full of a vibrance we fail to see anymore in the United States. They do not care what people think and the are beyond friendly.
There’s really not much else I can say about how amazing it is here partially because I am still processing it and partially I am trying to enjoy it myself. But I would encourage every Christian to go on at least one short term mission trip in their lives. It really opens up the door for God to work in ways we didn’t know were possible.
My advice to anyone thinking about doing any sort of short term missions is this and only this: do not, and I repeat do not let the idea of failing at anything you do keep you back. nothing you do is going to be perfect but as long as you are glorifying the Lord in all that you do He will guide you to where you need to be. P.s. I will keep my phone charged and won’t break curfew 😉