Nicaragua Day 1: Dirt, Dirt, Dirt, New Friends, and More Dirt.

The day started bright and early for the 2017 HCCS mission squad. The team was welcomed with a mouth watering meal and a heart warming devotion delivered by, seasoned Nicaragua missionary, Daniella Conway. Breakfast was certainly sweet, yet short as the team hit the road! Bound for La Concha, a critically impoverished village on the outskirts of Managua. The objective heading our ajenda for the day was was to pull off Angela Gilbert’s very first, self-orchestrated vacation Bible school; a task which rendered the boss, herself, frantic. The team spared no time and went straight to work preparing the area for the children. There were tables to restore; food to prepare; dirt floors to sweep(ironically as it sounds); and children to teach! After a long and arduous process, the area was clean, the children had arrived and fun would begin! Each member of the team played his own role in this show and was tasked with presenting a lesson of his own to the children(aided by a translator of course.) It is safe to say Angela can mark her first program down as a hit, as it was very well received by all participating children and parents alike. It was a powerful bonding experience for the group and a meaningful encounter with the local kids. The time spent merely playing and loving on the kids will be treasured by each member of the squad for years to come! The first day for this douful group of gifted yoyungster’s Latin American escapade was a resounding success! Stay tuned to follow this ragtag crew onto many more adventures into the great unknown…
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-Ian Johnson