Dirty Dozen Make a Safe Return

After a wonderful, eventful, exciting, and somewhat exhausting week, the Dirty Dozen had a difficult time saying goodbye to all of the Nicaraguan friends they made. There were tears, laughter, and genuine hugs, it was a beautiful sight. Despite the language barrier, we all managed to build a relationship with Roberto, Walter and others native to Nicaragua. All we could hope is that we would cross paths just once more. The Sleepy Dozen thought it was a great idea to try to pull an “all nighter” because the fact that we had to be leaving the guest house at such an early time. At the moment it sounded like a great idea and easy to accomplish but I fell short of that goal:(. The Dirty Dozen left the guest house at 4:00 in the morning to make a 6:00 flight. Everything else went according to plan today by the Grace of God. I’d like to give a special thanks to Derrick for driving us home safely! — by Christian Jaso